Partnering with us

Are you interested in partnering with us to reach the people of Rotherham with the gospel? Sustainable gospel ministry in Rotherham can be difficult for several reasons, and this is why we need others to invest in gospel work here.

Here are some practical ways you can do that right now.

Pray for Rotherham Evangelical Church. That the Gospel would be preached boldly here and that people in our town would come to know and follow Jesus as their saviour.

Give of your resources. If you can give financially or contribute some of your time, then please contact us. There is a great need here. We are a registered UK Charity (Number 1168374) and have several interesting opportunities we can tell you about.

Tell others about us. Share our website and our events on social media. If you know people who live in Rotherham, then please tell them about us; please send them a link to this website. We love to meet people who are new to our church or community and to tell them about Jesus.

Please contact Ian Fenton if you having any questions about Rotherham Evangelical Church or if you are interested in partnering with our ministry.