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Helpful websites

General Christian Resources

The Gospel Coalition: find articles, sermons, lectures, interviews, and short videos on a range of subjects on Christian theology and life.

Desiring God: find articles, sermons, and interviews on a range of Christian topics from the ministry begun by John Piper.

The Bible

The Bible Project: discover creative videos that summarize each book of the Bible as well as important themes that unite the whole Bible.

The Church

9Marks Ministries: discover written resources about what the church is and how to grow and live as a church member.


CCEF (Christian Counseling & Education Foundation): although this website is primarily aimed at Christian counselors, you will find helpful resources on almost any issue in the Christian life.

Apologetics & Culture

BeThinking.org (in partnership with Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship): find videos, articles, and lectures on defending the Christian faith and explaining the Christian worldview.

Living Out: this website provides resources on the biblical teaching about sexuality and gender.


Send International: discover unreached people groups around the world and pray for mission work and missionaries and additional resources on missions.


Shepherding the Heart: find videos and articles on all stages of parenting from a biblical perspective.