Maybe you have visited our regular gatherings, you've met Christians, and you have heard the gospel, but you have questions. How does "the gospel" fit in with the world I encounter every day? Can the Bible really be trusted to offer truth about me and the world I experience? We believe the Bible, and therefore, its central message, "the gospel", is ultimate truth and, rightly understood, can stand up to scrutiny.

Of course, we don't think anyone will ultimately accept or reject Christianity on the basis of an answered or unanswered question. Yet, we have found that the Christian worldview offers compelling and satisfying answers to the most important questions of life. So, we have tried to provide answers to a number of common questions, and even objections, that we've encountered about Christianity. The answers we provide are brief, but we can help point you to resources that deal with your question in more detail. To see these questions and answers, visit our "Looking for answers" page.

If you would like to know more about the central message of Christianity or if you have more questions, one of our pastors would love to grab a coffee with you and talk about what's on your mind. Feel free to contact us and give us a day & time that works in your schedule.

Visit our online bookstall and our "helpful websites", written and online resources on different aspects of the Christian faith and life.

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