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Once you have embraced Jesus as your Saviour and Lord, he slowly begins shaping you in into his own image. Jesus instituted the church to help you conform more and more into his image. The primary and most basic way you grow as a Christian is by attending our Sunday gathering. If you've become a member of the church, we'd also encourage you to join one of our life groups. The life groups provide a more intimate context for sharing a meal together with other members of the church, applying the Sunday sermon to our lives in a more direct way, and praying for one another.

Most of all, we believe that growth in the Christian happens, not by putting people into some program, but through organic relationships in the church. We hope you'll find REC to be a place where people have each other over for meals, read the Bible together, grab a drink and pray for one another. We invite you to do the same - engage in relationships that center around the gospel of Jesus.

Lastly, one of the greatest ways to grow into the image of Jesus is to do what he did: serve. There are so many ways to serve at REC both in a formal and informal way. Every Sunday we have a set up and pack down crew that prepares the building for our Sunday gathering. We need people working in our children's ministry. We need people to welcome visitors and make refreshments. If you are interested in finding out different ways to serve in the church, please email us or just talk to one of our pastors. There are plenty of informal ways of serving as well. Visit the sick in our church. Make a meal for someone who is ill. Pick up an elderly lady for church. Baby sit for a mum who needs a couple of hours to run some errands. We don't have a sign-up sheet for this; just be attentive for those in need of help!

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